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P1822 Pump for 4WD Motor Wire Open Load

AutoHex Online Help: Hyundai TUCSON/ix35(LM/EL) 2012
Componet Location
General Description

The 4WD ECU makes a Motor Pump(Actuator) turn round for generating an oil pressure. And then it presses a multiple disk clutch and transfers the generated torque into rear wheels. Its torque value varies according to a pressure status.

DTC Description

If the 4WD ECU detects that there is an open in the control circuit, it sets P1822 and lets a warning lamp turn on.

DTC Detecting Condition


Detecting Condition

Possible cause

DTC Strategy

Monitoring voltage in the motor pump circuit

Poor connection

Open in the circuit

Internal error in the coupling

Enable conditions

IG " ON "

Threshold value

Open in the motor driving circuit

Detecting time

0.3 second

Fail Safe

Prohibition for 4WD control

Diagnostic Circuit Diagram