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B1346 Driver Airbag Resistance too High (1st stage)

AutoHex Online Help: Hyundai i20(PB) 2012
Component Location
General Description

Driver Air bag module (hereinafter referred to DAB) located at center of steering wheel protects driver by reducing impact of collision.

DAB is consist of air bag, pat cover and two inflator.

There are power,circuit for ignition, gas generator and diffuser screen in inflator.

Air bag reduces impact of collision by fillied up gas.

In collision, pat cover splits and through this crack, air bag emerges and deploys.

Inflator generates gas that expands air bag.

Clock spring is located between steering wheel and column. It connects SCSRM to DAB.


Never measure resistance of DAB directly, Current of measuring device may cause unexpected air bag deploy.

DTC Description

The SRSCM sets DTC B1346 if the measured resistance value of DAB circuit is more than the threshold value.

*In this case, SRSCM checks if there's any fault in circuit by sending current for a while.

DTC Detecting Condition


Detecting Condition

Possible cause

DTC Strategy

Check Resistance

Poor connection of connected part.

Poor connection between shorting bar and release pin.

Faulty DAB.

Faulty Clock spring.

Faulty SRSCM.

Enable Conditions

Ignition "ON"

Threshold Value

DAB(1st stage) resistance = 7?

6? = Grey Zone = 7?

Diagnostic Time


More than 4 sec


More than 8 sec


Test Condition


Ignition ON

1.6O < Squib R < 6.0O

Diagnostic Circuit Diagram